Messy – A Psychological Intake.


Messy, basically dirty, be it mentally or personalized to an individual or expanded to an area of work and the prior mode to judge any individual. While mess has always been considered awful and profane of sorts, it can help out to figure people relatively easily, compared to spending time listening to their story. No matter how messy a room or person is, they will always follow a specific pattern, and that could mark out their behavior and emotional intelligence, quite clearly.  Let’s just take an example for that,

If any of you, come to my place, when I am not at home or didn’t have an idea about you coming to my place, you will find a specific pattern. My study table, would have everything except study material, it would have used plates, and bags, and random stuff from around the house. My gaming setup is always cleaned after a few hours, but the peripherals are dusty. My bed is always divided into two parts, one part has everything, from books to clothes to random stuff and bedsheet, while the other half is clean for me to just sleep. My charger is always connected and its always on, my desktop is rarely off, and my laptop always has a two to three tabs open of different topics, from posts on production to standup comedy on youtube, maybe netflix in background having some anime and rainmeter is edited everyday. I am not just messy, I am weird, and my weirdness has a pattern, and even though I can’t point out the patterns i have, if you can, please share your views.



Akshat Pande


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