From Masks To Costumes


It’s been a while since I wrote about Masks and it was mostly a rant, and it went on for a while. Masks can be defined as hiding your emotions or modifying them for the event or crowd. Costume for me is like an evolved version of that, go to any personality development or language tutor and they will talk about your body language and dressing style.. A person in a lower and t-shirt would be an entirely different person when it is in formals, and it will be different from when he is wore is wedding attire or when he is going to parties. Costumes even differ from person to person, some people have the same body language no matter what they are wearing, humble people. Some are arrogant which is multiplied when they are in formals, which some people are genuinely friendly but become more talkative and acceptable when in casuals. This makes me wonder, are we all just playing a game? and maybe this game is not of our storyline, we are playing with everyone else to gather resources to fuel our life. Costumes are just an end to a mean, like weapons or pen, as long as it gets thing done, we wear it like an armor, and after constant grinding, it gets rusted too..



Akshat Pande


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